We are open Wednesday-Sunday, 10-5pm. Admission is free. We are a nonprofit, so donate $1 per person if you can!

Whether you are looking for tiny treasures or major works of art, Terra Studios provides an unequaled selection of fine art pieces. As you linger here, you will notice that every part of this unique building is handcrafted: the magical carved entry door, floor tiles, and delicate light fixtures. The Terra Studios Gallery building lives as a tribute to artistic collaboration, a special place where twenty individual artists came together to create an enchanting environment of lasting beauty.
Exquisite items from stunningly simple teapots and ornate coffee mugs, to gleaming and mysterious rings and necklaces, the blooming colors of art glass vases, whimsical fairy accessories, birdhouses, casseroles dishes and rice bowls, scarves, paintings…the list is endlessly fascinating.

This building also houses a snack area. Enjoy a cup of fresh, locally-roasted Arsaga’s coffee with a delicious dessert made by local bakeries in a fantasy environment. Chips and other snacks are available as well. 

The Gallery Online

If you can't get to our gallery, you can still find that perfect, unique gift in the online gallery.

Terra Studios Snack Bar

Our Snack Bar offers delicious desserts all made by local chefs and serves fresh, locally-roasted Arsaga’s coffee in a fantasy environment featuring five one-of-a-kind booths which are in themselves a treat.

Sunday Music in the Gallery

Remember lazy Sunday afternoons? Need to decompress after a stressful week? Come enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon with us. Terra Studios is blessed with all forms of arts and artists, and music is no exception. Certain Sundays (check our calendar) we host some of Northwest Arkansas best musicians who perform original tunes at homey, acoustic levels. A different genre each time – from bluegrass to blues, reggae to rockabilly, Irish to indie, and folk to flute, we enjoy a little bit of everything.