We are open Wednesday-Sunday, 10-5pm. Admission is free. We are a nonprofit, so donate $1 per person if you can!

Sunday Music - Woven

Join us for music in the gallery! Free, donations for Terra Studios and tips for the musicians are encouraged.

About this experience

Woven is a harmony driven, vocal ensemble consisting of singer-songwriters Regina Caeli, Jessica Hawk, and Talina Madonna, who have been singing together in various configurations since 2012. Born out of mutual love for singing and weaving together their individual voices into a space of ritual and sacred song, their heaven meets earth soul-folk sound is set to a colorful tapestry of poetry, prayers, and earth magic. Inspired by American Roots music, singing in choir, Gospel and Indigenous folk wisdom, Woven sings songs to the soul with an authentic belief in the power of harmony to bring people together and heal the world.