We are open Wednesday-Sunday, 10-5pm. Admission is free. We are a nonprofit, so donate $1 per person if you can!

Terran Foundlings - Spring Break Palooza

About this experience

What is a Terran Foundling, you ask? 🐾 They are simple, friendly little creatures that evolve when you let your imagination run free with the clay. They desperately want to meet you. Create one and let it live here with its friends in our gardens! Terran Foundlings are a great introduction to clay work and the fun it can bring. Sit down for ten minutes and make one, or stay longer and make several.

This activity will be happening during our Spring Break Palooza event Wednesday thru Friday, March 20th-22nd from 12pm-3pm. This activity is free of charge if you let your Foundling reside at Terra Studios. No registration required, just drop in.